Our Projects

We use business as a tool to create self-sustaining communities. But the world needs so much more than just economic projects. So we are involved in social projects that touch the lives of the poorest around us. And ministry projects, because the key to living on this crazy earth is our Faith in Jesus, and sharing that with everyone around us.

Our team

Our team is made up of many people, way too many to put them all here. But we want to give you a flavour of who we are, and what we do. This list includes full-time staff, pioneers, volunteers, project leaders and participants.

Alina Frolova

Leader of JAM, one of our children’s projects meeting every week for children aged between 6 and 10 in our local neighbourhood.

Highfield Church

Long time supporters of Kreativity in the UK, Highfield are regular financial contributors and have sent several teams to serve with us.

Viktor Yevpak

CEO of eKreative, web technology business. He leads a team designing and building websites and applications for mobile devices.

Vera Chijikova

Teacher of English and heads up Yazlingo, our language school. A qualified translator, Vera only takes a holiday for mission trips.

Caroline Yevpak

Prayer Team Leader, and CFO at eKreative. Her heart is prayer, to bring freedom to those who feel trapped, to bring healing to those who feel pain.

Locking Castle Church

This summer over 30 young people from Locking Castle in UK will join us for English summer camps in Ukraine. That is quite impressive!

Kreativity - we think different, we take risks, we don’t accept the norm, and we have a burning holy discontent about those who don’t know Jesus.

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